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Season 2 Started May 11th, 2010
CR’s Season 1 has now come to an end!

Congratulations to our top players Sunsamrat, JojHaris, xFAZZYx and SaeedElahi. Excellent job guys!

Special ovation to our Leaderboards #1 player Prakash_sethia who’s outstanding performance has won him an iPod touch! Congratulations!

To see the archived Season 1 Click here.

Awards and Achievements May 11th, 2010
Think you are the greatest thing since Shane Warne?
Do you think you have what it takes to deserve the title of 'The Revolution Grand Master'?

Prove it...! Awards and Achievements are now available for you to further test your mettle.

Win your share of the glory for all to see!

Community Dedicated Server May 11th, 2010

Don’t have an official server in your country?

Download the CR Community Server Client and make your own CR server within minutes for your local community!

To get started just download the client from here.

Mindstorm E-Store Feb 17th, 2010

Mindstorm E-Store is now online!

Order your copy of the game today and avail a hefty 10% discount!!

To order, Click here.
Training Video: Spin Bowling Dec 23rd, 2009
Learn how to use spin bowlers effectively.

Did you know that all spin bowlers have a natural ability to bowl a doosra? Watch this training video to master this inherent ability and start bamboozling your opponents with this new found power.

To watch this video, Click here.
Clubs Now Available! Dec 5th, 2009
That's right! League A, International and World Elite folks can now create their own Club and start recruiting other players. Not a League A player yet? Then just join a top club to add value to your profile!

Band together with your friends and duke it out with your rivals as a club.

To start your club, click here.
Training Video: Shot Placement Nov 23rd, 2009
Just started playing CR and still not sure how to steer clear of those pesky fielders? Well then head on over to our training video, the first of a series to come, which will let you in on the basics of shot placement.

Impenetrable fielding? We Think NOT!

Click here to see it now.
First Patch Released! Nov 11th, 2009
CR’s first patch has been released! You can now log-on to Steam and update your game to the latest version. This patch provides feature improvements and minor bug fixes.

To view the detailed change log for this patch, click here.
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